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Read A-Q – Distraction 2 lyrics

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Browse Nigerian lyrics: A-Q – Distraction 2

About A-Q: Gilbert Bani, born August 1 1986, popularly known by his stage name A-Q, is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter.

A- Q’s single “Agu Ji Ndi Men” was nominated for Best Rap Single at The Headies 2016.

Do you want to understand more about this track, Read A-Q – Distraction 2 lyrics below

Read A-Q – Distraction 2 lyrics below

[Verse: AQ]

This is what it’s come to huh?
Left out the buzz, no internet bundles huh?
Paid Influencers is where you run to huh?
Social media is how you come through, huh?
How am I in the middle of this?
Everytime I hear your shit, boy, I giggle at it
If you can’t make it rain, make it drizzle at least
You brought guns when it blow up I blow missiles on this
Gave you Distractions, I made you win the beef
Even though you lied to me, said the song was for the kids
I dropped a verse inspired by the Don Jazzy tweet
Then you jumped in the booth and started dissing Reminence
Still I put it out, just before, I tweaked the lines for free
On the phone with your mama, your nerve couldn’t hold the beef
You was in PH, every word gets back to me
Check the pH (it’s Ether) that’s acidic free
You couldn’t find a soul, so you say you put me on
Your brother na dope rapper, you no put am on
Your sister na Fuji artiste, you no put am on
Your brother manages you and yet you’re begging Godwin Tom
Got a DJ in your fam and, he don’t play your songs
Then you say you put me on?
Your two out of his three, if you’re ashamed to say my name
Bro, call me the one, cos if I’m ever two-three gotta be Mike or LeBron

Sit down, be humble
You know I know too much
40 mill to YSG, bro you owe too much
You popping XO with the money that you ain’t got
I don’t mean to be rude, but just save it for baby food
Davido wouldn’t save you, it’s different gods that we pray to

Toe to toe, you feel defeat that white garment won’t save you
Ungrateful, Chubby did 12 milli a year
But your eyes was set on Ice that’s why you couldn’t see the stairs
You wanted everything he had so Gaaga gave you his Range
Gave you 9ice, gave you 2face gave you all that he could share
TrexA and all their tracks helped you string your lines together
But your heart is a black hole, you made everything disappear
DaPiano tried to give you the keys, you pissed on him
HCode gave you a hit, you switched on him
LisciousCrackIt tried to crack it, but you had him on your blacklist
Now no producer will touch you, they all know about your theatrics

Your whole style is Jay Z, your whole persona is catfish
Universal dropped you, you’re still getting their ass kissed
Can’t survive without the label, GRAP Music is a fable
Forget putting me on, just put one rapper on your label
Signed a man you wouldn’t sign? M offered me a deal
But I know the business, turned it around and floated a label
Now Blaq is on the map and Torna is coming too
Steady on the phone with Audu, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do
What the eff is wrong with you, you never think things through
What does your girl think of you, you move like a nicompoop
Social Media trends is how you think things move?
Either you mentally unstable or it’s the people you listen to
Or it’s really ’bout YouTube and it’s really about the views
Or the flogging by the bitch with the broom got you confused
Or that pussy had you for good, lost your mind when she left
But it’s cool, let’s keep that between me and you
You and your boys gonna beat me, must be something in your dreams
You been saying you wanna pull up, better be talking ’bout the gym
I live behind Lafiaji, five minutes away
That’s Dolphin Estate, you can come through Obalende
All that height, no sense
6’4, no brains, no plans
Your second coming that never came
State of Surprise was average
A7, Average
All your projects, average
But Lafiaji was garbage
That’s how you rep the whole city wrong
And you couldn’t put one person from your whole city on
You dey form activist, when your career’s like the president’s (Buhari)
Your second coming saw your career reach the heights of decadence
Repping where you’re from but killing it from inside
AO is your Osibanjo, you wouldn’t let him shine
And all of these left the state in a state of surprise
Even though you know your time is up you holding on ‘cos of pride

Everything was set up for you, you had the backing of your tribe
And still you fucked it up, your ignorance couldn’t hide (Buhari)
You both came from the barracks to a place of position
You never elevated no one,only brought us division
But I’ll expose you, there’s no re-run
Just like Buhari, in a couple of years you’ll be done
Just tell me one person from your past you’re cool with
Blocked Mono from getting signed and killed his hubris
Culture gave you fame you paid him back wih cruelty
You stole from YSG and started playing the victim
Better listen
Stop preaching, stop preaching
It’s sickening
This is not dissing, it’s all facts I’m spitting
You pay influencers, I influence only the truest shit
Independent all my life everything I write influences
Got myself here, no man is the boss of me
So, say what you like, I advice you proceed cautiously
In UNILAG you introduced yourself as a fan
At the Storm battle event, you were happy to shake my hand
You’re a stan, you just ad you can never rap like me
Put us on any track I’ll slap you in my sleep

For all you other rappers, I’m Moses on Mt. Sinai
I write it in the presence of God for y’all Israelites
But this is not some definite laws for you to live by
There’s only one commandment, ‘thou shall not diss I’

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