STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 21

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 21

Story: Miriam Edem


Damian who sat at the school recreative garden turned and saw Natasha coming, she slowly sat down beside him while he said nothing to her,
“I heard what happened, Natasha finally spoke up.

“So why are you here? To shout on my head for your boyfriend right? Damian asked.
“Boyfriend? Have you forgotten you tore us apart? Natasha asked.

“So what are you doing here? Damian asked and Natasha gave a smirk.
“I see you really like her, its so obvious, She said.

“You both are just the same, Damian said and wanted walking away.
“Look Damian we have lost it already. I’ve lost Theodore and you’ve done same with Jennifer, now we have to help ourselves, Natasha said getting up too.

“Helping ourselves to do what? Damian asked.
“To get back at them. They have hurt us enough haven’t they? Natasha asked.

“Will that change anything? Just leave me alone, Damian said.
“Damian stop this and let’s work together. Your love for me and what happened between us that night made me loose Theodore, I am still trying to get him back but here is Jennifer coming between us now. We can’t do anything about them I know, but let’s get back at them, Natasha said and Damian scoffed.

“You rejected me still when he left you so stop acting like we both did. By the way what do you want to get them back with? Damian asked.
“Jennifer has a secret I know. Did you know she was rusticated in her finals in her previous school? Natasha asked and Damian scoffed.

“How is that possible? Damian asked.
“OK you’ll get to know if You will promise me we are going to work together on this, Natasha said but Damian was just looking at her confused……………..

That night Jennifer couldn’t sleep as she kept dialing Theodore number but he kept rejecting the call. She sat up thinking hard and called Daniel up, “hello Dan, sorry for disturbing, Jenny said.

“Its okay, how you doing? Daniel asked.
“Theodore is not picking my calls, do you know where he is? Jenny asked.

“He’s sleeping, probably his phone is on silent. Should i go wake him up? Daniel asked.
“No no no don’t bother, Jenny said.

“Are you sure? By the way will you be in school tomorrow? Daniel asked.
“Tomorrow is Saturday, she replied.

“Yea I know, we normally have this golf game and I’ll love you to witness it, Daniel replied.
“Sorry I don’t think I can, I’ll have a lot to do and my mom will be visiting tomorrow, Jenny replied.

“Oh alright then, good night, Daniel said.
“Goodnight, Jenny replied and dropped the call……………….

The next morning Jenny was already awake and checked the time, she sighed and got dressed for her exercise.
“Going for that again? Treasure asked with a sleepy eye.

“Its been long you know, Jenny replied wearing her snickers.
“Take care, Treasure said sleeping again while Jenny smiled putting on her headphones and left the room.

While Jogging she saw 2 guys coming in her direction, she wondered where they went to return this early. As she was about to pass them one of the guys held her which she stopped and they surrounded her.

“Sorry what is going on? Jennifer asked but the headphones was removed from her by one of the guys.
“Take off your shoes and stop looking at our faces, the other guy said.

“My shoes? Jenifer asked.
“Now! They shouted and she slowly removed the shoes which they took it.

They whispered to themselves and smiled at Jennifer who was slowly going back, “looking for money? I didn’t carry a penny, Jennifer said.
“But I can have a taste of you, what do you think? One of the guys asked.

“You’ll do no such thing, Jennifer replied.
“Because you’re gonna scream? Common go ahead what are you waiting for? have you seen us with a mask on? Thats to show you we are afraid of no one, go ahead and scream if you want, one of them said approaching Jennifer who was going back gently and that was when she saw their faces masked with tattoos.

“Please let me go, if you need money I can give it to you, Jennifer said with her heart beating fast as she saw how scary they are.
“What are you trying to say that you’re a money tree? Let me get the real money then! One shouted and held Jennifer on the waist forcing her bend and she screamed.

“Let her go, they heard a voice and turned to see a guy standing putting on a pullover that covered his face.
“Who are you to interfere in our business? One of them asked approaching him but the guy put his hand between his belt which the guys knew what that means.

“We will let this go but trust me you will regret this, the guy withdrew thinking he was about pulling a gun.
“We will get you! The guy who already held Jennifer down shouted and they ran off together taking Jennifer things.

Jennifer was already in tears and the guy stretched out his hand to raise her up, “thank you, she said taking his hand and saw it was Theodore.
“Theodore? She whispered and hugged him crying on him..

“Didn’t your roommates inform you about this area? Going out for an exercise outside your House this early is not a sane thing to do, Theodore said.
“They didn’t tell me that, and what other time is fit for an exercise if not Now? Jennifer asked and he cleaned her tears.

“I hope you were not hurt? Theodore asked.
“Do you mean no one would have saved me despite my screams? Jenny replied but he just shook his head and covered his pull over on her.

“Let’s go home, He said taking her over to his place.
“What if we inform the cops about those bastards? Look they almost raped someone again, Daniel angrily said.

“Let it go, the cops are tired of them already, Theodore replied giving her a glass of water.
“You mean they always do that? Jenny asked.

“Yes, your roommates should tell you this, Theodore replied.
“They are new here themselves, or maybe they have no idea about this too, Jenny replied.

“Its okay, at least you’ve seen it yourself, Theodore said and she nodded drinking the water.
“So you mean you handled them all by yourself Theodore? Daniel asked.

“I only wanted to bring out my handkerchief and they took off on their own, Theodore replied and they laughed.
“Seriously I was scared to death, I thought that was a gun, Jenny said.

“Really? Well I did the show good didn’t I? Theodore asked smiling at her and Daniel coughed.
“Excuse me, I’ll go try my exercise outside okay, Daniel said and left them together.

“Erm am sorry about yesterday truly I am. I don’t still understand why Damian behaved the way he did, am sorry, Jenny calmly said.
“Is that why you kept calling last night? Theo asked.

“You were mad at me and that got me scared, Jenny said and Theo smiled.
“Scared of being enemies again? He asked.

“I don’t know about you, but I think i don’t want to be an enemy, Jenny replied and Theo gently held her hands looking at her and their lips were going closer.

“My boots please! Daniel shouted getting in when they almost kissed and they disengaged immediately.
“Am so sorry for that, I think i left the boots outside, Daniel said smiling and left again while they looked at themselves scratching their heads.

“Ermm will you love to join the gym outside? Theo asked and Jenny nodded.
“Do you have the complete set? Jenny asked.

“Come check it out, Theo replied and they left together………………..


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