STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 23

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 23

Story: Miriam Edem


That evening Jennifer took them by surprise to return the sneakers,
“Hi You didn’t tell us you were coming, Daniel said opening up for her.

“I didn’t plan to but I just decided to, thanks for your help, Jenny said stretching the bag to him.
“Aren’t You coming in? Daniel asked.

“Nope, I have to hurry up to somewhere now, Jenny said.
“That quick? Theodore asked coming out to meet them.

“Ermm yes, Jenny said and Theodore suddenly screamed and ran in.
Daniel confusedly ran in to find out what the problem is which Jennifer joined him too only to fine Theodore on the floor laughing.

“When last did You go for check up Theodore? Daniel angrily asked.
“What’s wrong with him? Jenny asked scared.

“I knew you were lying so I had to come up with something to make you come in, Theodore replied still laughing and Daniel hissed.
“He’s always mad this way, we need to order for his medicine soon, Daniel said going to close the door.

“Like seriously Theodore you did that on purpose? Jenny asked still trying to get herself back.
“Yea in this house, Daniel made everyone mad. He taught me that trick, Theo replied.

“F**k you! Daniel shouted and left for his room.
“But that was too serious and you laughing this hard makes it more amazing to me, Jenny said and slowly sat down.

“Why did you refuse to come in? Theodore asked putting on his serious look.
“Nothing, I don’t just go to people houses, She replied and he nodded.

“Interesting. The coordinator of the model stuff met me today, he said the lecturers wants you to contest because there will be a cross contest between schools and they are hoping You will make the school proud, Theo said.
“How is that possible and how are they sure about that? Natasha is capable isn’t she? Jennifer asked.

“To them she isn’t sound academically, she’s only good in the fashion aspect, Theo replied.
“Then good for them because I am not interested, Jenny replied.

“Can you give me one reason why you’re strongly against it? Theo asked.
“No reason, I don’t just want it, Jenny replied.

“Jennifer, is there anything you’re not telling me? Theodore asked.
“Theodore I need to go now, Jenny said getting up to go.

“Am I really your friend Jennifer? Theodore asked and she stopped.
“Why that question? Jenny replied.

“Because you’re hiding something from me, and I don’t seem to understand why you can’t say it to me if truly i am your friend. But its fine and sorry for bringing this up again, I’ll go open the door for you, Theodore said and left to the door opening it for her while she slowly stepped out confused.

“Is she truly hiding something from you? Daniel asked coming down.
“You can see that for yourself, Theo replied.

“But why? I don’t really understand what’s she’s really hiding that is making her behave that way or not to trust us, Daniel said worried.
“I won’t ask her about it again. Let her go ahead and hide it but one thing for sure is I don’t trust her and nothing serious can happen between us, Theo said gulping down water while Daniel looked at him weak…………..

Jennifer got home and noticed her friends were not at home, she fell on the bed crying her eyes out as what happened months ago replayed to her face.
‘Am I just scared this is going to happen to me again because I don’t think I can survive if it does, Jennifer said in her heart closing her eyes tight.

Her phone began to ring and it was her mom calling, “hello mom, she picked up.
“Jenny were You crying? Her mom dictated the tone in her voice.

“Am just in a dilemma here and I don’t know what to do, Jenny replied.
“Common talk to me, what’s wrong? Her mom asked.

“The school wants me to contest as a model, now considering my past i am so scared, Jenny said and her mom heaved.
“What happened wasn’t really a good one. You messed up big time yes, but you can correct it, what do you think? Her mom asked.

“You think I can go for it? Jenny asked.
“Yes dear, but just be careful to avoid such a history. Don’t be scared dear, you can do this, her mom replied and Jenny sniffed feeling a bit relieved hearing that.

“Thank you mom, Jenny said.
“Was that why you were crying? Put yourself together and put whatever happened in the past behind you. its cool to see my baby always ruling wherever she goes, her mom said and Jenny smiled.

“You think so? Jenny asked.
“Yes and am so proud of you, her mom replied.

“Thank you mommy, thank you so much, Jenny said almost laughing.
“That’s good, take good care of yourself and don’t worry too much, Her mom said and the line went dead………………

On Monday the coordinator met with Theodor to ask if he could convince Jennifer to accept, “well I did talk to her but she bluntly said no. Please don’t tell me to push further because I won’t, Theodore replied.

“Its no problem, what about you? He asked.
“Do I have a choice? Theo asked and he smiled.

“Thanks for that, we’ll be having the next meeting today and screening will soon begin. We are going to be on a fast lane this time around, the coordinator said.
“Time please? Theo asked.

“3pm, he replied.
“Till then, bye, Theodore said and left.

Few minutes later Jennifer arrived quite in a hurry and the coordinator met her, “Jennifer Marks right? He asked..
“Yes good morning sir, she replied.

“Morning, I am still yet to know why you are running away from the modelling, is there anything we need to know so we can understand with you? He asked.
“Actually I did run away but I’ve changed my mind. When is the meeting? Jennifer asked and he was surprised to hear that.

“3pm today, nice choice, the man said.
“Thank you, what about the venue? She asked.

“You’ll be texted about that. Can I have your number? He asked bringing out his phone and she typed it down for him.
“Alright bye, Jennifer said and ran off……………….

“Did I hear you say you’ve accepted? Joy asked when Jennifer told her about it.
“Yea or should I change my mind? Jenny asked and Joy screamed happily.

“You just gave me my birthday gift Jenny, thank you, Joy replied and Jennifer eyes bulged out.
“Oh my God is it today? Jenny asked.

“Tomorrow, Joy replied.
“Why didn’t you tell me about it? Jennifer asked.

“But i did, Joy replied.
“At least a reminder dear. What do you need for a present? Jennifer asked.

“Just be the queen, I want to be the best friend of the queen, can you do that for me? Joy asked and Jenny smiled.
“Silly girl, gotten a cake yet? Jenny asked and her mood suddenly changed.

“What’s wrong? Jenny asked.
“There will be no party tomorrow. Everyone is broke at home that’s why I didn’t bother to remind you, Joy replied Jenny held her.

“Its gonna be okay alright, Jenny said and hugged her………………..

3 pm arrived so quick and Joy happily volunteered to drop Jennifer off at the venue,
“Bye Queen, Joy said waving at her and Jennifer got in and Theodore surprisedly saw her.
“Oh here she comes, the coordinator said referring to Jennifer.

“Sorry I think I’m late, Jennifer said.
“A model must keep to time, Natasha said with a smirk.

“Please sit down, The coordinator said pointing a seat for her and they got to work.

One hour later they were done with the meeting and Jennifer went to Theodore, “surprised huh? She asked smiling.
“You never wanted to, Theo replied.

“Yea let’s say I wanted everyone to believe that, but hey pray this ugly face should surface the winner, Jennifer say smiling.
“Sure that will be a terrible Catastrophic, Theo replied and they burst out laughing.

“Catastrophic indeed, so you’re not mad at me anymore right? Jenny asked.
“Mad at you? I and Daniel are already mad, adding another madness to it will be deadly, Theo replied and Jenny laughed.

“You can say that again, common let’s go, Jennifer said and they left together.

Damian and Natasha was nearby looking at them as they laughed and walked together,
“What do you think? Natasha asked him.
“I can’t think of anything now, I am just pained, Damian angrily replied.

“Keep that aside and look forward to our plans, Natasha said……………


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