STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 28

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 28

Story: Miriam Edem


Jennifer immediately popped up on the projector wearing a bikini acting sexily in a dark room,
“Yea baby can you take it off? A male voice was heard which face was not shown..

“You mean this? Jennifer asked touching her breasts.
“Absolutely I mean that, the voice replied and she laughed crazily unhooking her bra and threw it away while the crowd shouted.

“What’s the meaning of this? Put that off now! Arthur shouted as the crowd was busy chattering among themselves.
Theodore turned and looked at Jennifer who was glued to where she stood shocked still trying to get herself back.

“Jennifer? Theo whispered trying to wake up from the sleep.
“Natasha what’s this? Arthur asked.

“What did I do wrong? You were right sir, you should have properly screened us to avoid this. I just wanted to show you all who Jennifer really is, and this is just a little of it. Why was she rusticated in her finals before she got admitted here?

She did this shameful act with a married man, and she’s not just fit to be our ambassador. You said it yourself an ambassador should be blameless with a reputable character, its definitely not someone like her! Natasha shouted.

“Natasha, why me? Jennifer asked with tears streaming down her face.
“Sorry baby, it is my duty to keep this school away from Shame! Natasha shouted on her and Theodore ran out of the stage throwing the crown and badge away.

Jennifer began to feel dizzy as she gently rubbed her forehead,
“Jenny my dear! She heard a cry and recognised the voice to be her mother but suddenly everything went blank as she fainted……………………..

Jennifer opened her eyes and saw her mom face covered on her palms crying, she recognised the place to be a hospital and everything that happened hours ago appeared to her.
She bursted out in tears and her mom held her, “no dear don’t start please, let it go, her mom said controlling her own tears.

“You should let me go mom, I want to die, I just want to die, Jenny said.
“What about me? Why are you this selfish Jennifer, why? Her mom shouted.

“Mom you won’t understand just how am feeling right now, it happened again mom and this time in a more tragic way. Am sorry I can’t survive this, I am already dead, Jenny said in tears.

“You really think you are in this alone? I am your mother Jennifer and the shame and pain goes to me too. I will stand with you on this Jennifer, please don’t lose hope now I beg you my child, Her mom said hugging Jennifer as they cried on themselves.

Daniel slowly entered and Jenny saw him, he gave a little knock on the door and her mom disengaged from the hug to see who it is.

“Who are you and how did you pass the security? Her mom asked.
“A friend, Daniel replied.

“What are you here for? To mock my daughter to scum? Please leave now before I call the security, Her mom said.
“You know me Jennifer, I just want to see how you’re faring, Daniel calmly said and Jennifer nodded in tears.

“Let him be mom. Can you excuse us for a while please? Jenny asked her mom..

“You don’t know what you’re saying. When you were unconscious you don’t know what happened here, and you want me to leave you with a student from that barbaric school? No way! Her Mom shouted.

“I understand ma, but please I am Jennifer friend and not the students who came here, Daniel said and her mom sluggishly left the room.
Daniel sat down and held Jennifer hand looking at her, “you must hate me now, Jenny said.

“I can’t, I just realized how much I made you my friend and how much I don’t want to lose you. Joy has been crying uncontrollably since in the morning, and I don’t know how to stop her. what happened broke every one heart and I can’t imagine the pain you’re feeling right now, Daniel said and Jennifer broke out crying which he held her.

“I want to die, I just want to die, Jenny kept saying.
“Do you know your death will hurt your dear ones? Think about your mom, think about Joy and think about……………. “Theodore. what about him? Jennifer interrupted him and Daniel sighed.

‘He ran out of the stage after what happened, I managed to meet up with him before he got into his car. looking at him he was so fierce in a way I’ve never seen before, I was so scared that I watched him drove away without doing anything and no one has seen or heard from him yet, Daniel replied.

“Its all my fault, Jenny said.
“Yes its your fault because you couldn’t trust us enough to tell us what happened to you in your past. Theodore loved you enough to accept your past, but you couldn’t open up. What happened was a big blow to him, it was a shock he wasn’t expecting and right now i don’t know what his reactions will be.

Nevertheless you have to put yourself together Jennifer, it has happened and there’s nothing you can do about it, Daniel said but Jenny was just crying………………..

Annabel and Treasure were deeply hurt, they laid on the bed worried knowing they couldn’t get pass the security Jenny mom placed to see her.

“Now I understand why Jennifer was this secretive and acting funny, she had such a bad past yet she couldn’t open up to us, Treasure said.

“I am still yet to understand how Annabel was able to get all of that evidence to humiliate her that way. or could Lydia had forged the video as a computer guru? Annabel wake.

“Forged? did you see Jennifer reactions when it was displayed? She couldn’t deny it which makes it true, I feel so bad for her, Treasure sadly said taking up her phone and updates began popping up on the notifications.

“God its all about Jennifer, look they are spreading her nudes! Treasure shouted which Annabel looked at it and felt like crying.
“Natasha is a bitch! God I wish I can strangle that girl already! Anabel screamed………………

Natasha and her friends were busy partying that evening,
“You made quite a show there and disrupted our 30th anniversary, a girl said.

“Well I was only saving you guys ass from a shameless girl like her, Natasha replied.

“And it was just smooth. Gosh you need to see everyone faces at the hall, I was touched, Lydia said and burst out laughing.

Damian stormed into there and dragged Natasha away from her friends and she angrily slapped him.

“How dare you! Who gave you such right to drag me that way like a thief! Natasha shouted at him.
“You slapped me? Damian asked holding his cheeks.

“And I will do that again! She shouted.
“Listen to me, you’ve disgraced her enough and you’re excited seeing her hurt and hospitalised because of what you did. Isn’t it enough? Why did you still upload the video on net? Damian shouted.

“Well they didn’t complete the interesting video and my fans asked to see the end of it which I must make them happy. I don’t care If she’s hospitalised or not, that’s what she get from stepping on Natasha way, she replied.

“You’ve had your fun, watch me deal with Theodore then, Damian said.

“Don’t dare me Damian, Natasha strictly said.

“I should tell you that Natasha. If that video is not taken off your IG, I swear Theodore will be half dead! Damian shouted and left while Natasha was breathing hard looking at him.

She made a call immediately and a male voice picked up,
“Yes help me put an eye on Theodore, don’t let any harm go near him, Natasha said.

“OK I’ll check on him, the voice said and dropped the call.

“Bastard! You better thread carefully else you’ll crash terribly, Natasha said giving a smirk and left to see her friends……………..

Pius sat with his friends smoking and drinking that night, one of them who is always fast in getting the latest talk in town told them just what happened at The Bridge Institution.

“What’s the girl name again? Pius asked.

“Jennifer. Gosh her boobs was so fresh and round, he replied and Pius threw his cigarette angrily scratching his head.

“Hey what’s up with you? His friends asked.

“You mean the video was played in the hall when she was coronated? Pius asked.

“Exactly, though the ceremony was canceled and I heard that said girl is hospitalised as we speak, he replied.

“Shit! damn you Natasha! Pius shouted.

“Are you going to tell us what happened or should we figure it out ourselves? His friends angrily asked and he heaved looking at them and nodded………………….


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