STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 31

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 31

Story: Miriam Edem


“Oh Professor you’re here? Just at the right time, please come in, Robert said.

“Welcome sir, Theodore surprisedly greeted and got more surprised to see his dad.

“Dad what are you doing here? Theodore asked but Kennedy just hugged him.

“Its good to see you’re safe. Hey man how You doing? Kennedy said shaking hands with David.

“Am good, sorry he was with me if you were worried, David replied.

“You can’t imagine how scared I was, Kennedy replied.

“Why are the police men surrounded everywhere? Arthur asked.

“Oh that, I just got the shocking news of my life. I heard the scandal that happened in your school yesterday, sorry I couldn’t attend it, Robert said.

“You gave me your reasons and its understood, Arthur replied.

“Yea that’s good. This young man here was dragged in by the cops and what he said concerning Jennifer Marks broke my heart, Robert continued.

“Actually that’s why we came here. We need to know something about that girl and see how we can help her out. She’s slowly dying and seeing what happened its understood, Kennedy came in.

“Dad did you go to see her? Theodore asked.

“Yea we are just coming back from there, and she doesn’t want to speak out, The HOD replied.

“Its pitiful and I understand her plight right now. Months ago the same happened when her nudes were shared on the very eve of her coronation. Not everyone got to see it before time, and just when the main coronation was about to begin, we saw pictures of her flying everywhere.

I am a very disciplined man and Jenny couldn’t defend it which I was so angry, disappointed and ashamed of her. She asked to be rusticated saying she can’t bear the stigma which I had to let her go knowing she was the best of my students, now this, Robert said throwing his hands frustratedly.

“Wait a minute sir, is there anything you’re not telling us? because it seems to me there is more to this story. By the way you were talking about this guy dragged in here, Kennedy said.

“Ahh yes, I think you should hear from him yourself, Robert replied and every eyes were on him as Perpetual began shaking already.

“Uhmmm Perpetual here actually paid me to make a video of Jennifer to ruin her image. Jenny was drugged that night it was done and then used by Perpetual to bring her down, Pius said.

“What! Perpetual father shouted.

“How did this get to the bridge institution? Arthur asked

“Natasha and Lydia linked me up which I don’t know how. She offered me some amount of money to bring out the video which I did, Pius replied and Arthur chuckled.

“No you must be joking, which Natasha are you talking about? Arthur asked.

“The Natasha everyone praise and adores sir, was her act not too obvious and dubious that she wanted this? Theo asked.

“Oh.. My… God! Arthur exclaimed in shock.

“So you mean everything was all a set up to ruin and destabilize the poor girl? This is wickedness! The HOD of parasitology exclaimed.

“Perpetual you did this? Her father asked.

“Will you blame me? You were cheating on mommy with her, you think I didn’t know? Perpetual asked and her dad slapped her.

“I loved Jennifer, I loved her charisma and everything. She was helping me with some stuffs I appreciate a lot which made us close. Did you see us acting intimately? I warned you of your hatred for her didn’t I! Her father shouted.

“But she was getting everything from me! Perpetual shouted crying.

“What did she get from you that made you do such disgusting act? Who raised you this way! Her father shouted.

“I don’t care who raised her or whatever it is. All I know she must pay dearly for what she did to Jennifer, and she must confess this in open to the media same way she spread Jennifer nudes, Theodore came in.

“That’s right, Robert said nodding.

“No please forgive me, Perpetual pleaded crying.

“Take her out of my sight! Robert shouted but she held on her father who stood weakly and watched her dragged out.

“What are we going to do with him and Natasha? David asked.

“We are going back to the Bridge, I want to see Natasha cunning face once again, Arthur said.

“Should Jennifer know about this? David asked.

“She has the right to know, I think that will give her little strength knowing people are fighting for her, Kennedy replied.

“Please I am coming with you, I need to see that girl again and apologize even if I should go on my knees, Robert said closing his files…………………

“What are you doing here? Jenny mom asked when she saw Jenny father coming.

“I have every right to see my daughter, he replied.

“Can you listen to yourself? Is it the daughter you abandoned? She asked.

“No the daughter you took away from me, you really think I wouldn’t have taken her away if I had the chance? look at what she’s going through Now and this is all your fault! He shouted on her.

“What are you here for? To take her back huh? She asked.

“I can’t do that, knowing you took her heart away from me. I saw my daughter and wept, how did Jenny get to that point? This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t choose your career over your own family! Can you see our angel? When you look at her now what do you see? He asked with a teary face that Jenny mom stood with a shaking lips.

“Are you now putting this on me? I tried my best to be a good mother and filled the lapses of a father to her, what ever happened I don’t know how so stop blaming me when you left your responsibility and ran away with your other woman, She shouted.

“Other woman you say because that’s just what you think it is! She’s nothing but a business partner but your corrupt mind will always make you see the negative! He shouted on her back.

“Liar! She shouted.

“Whatever, now can I see my daughter? Excuse me, He said and went in to see Jennifer in tears who was listening to them..

“Dad, she whispered but he only went nearer and hugged her on bed.

“Its okay alright, don’t worry too much we will get through this together, he replied cleaning her tears.

“Meaning you’re not going back? Jenny asked.

“No, right now what you need is your family to make you strong. Whatever happened even If you don’t want to talk about it, deep in your heart i see you never wanted it to happen and you’re more than this, Marks said patting her hair.

“You know I still remember when you were young how you are always scared of darkness, sometimes I will hide by the cupboard and make some scary sounds to make you cry, do you still remember why i always do that? He asked and Jenny smiled.

“That is when am upset and refuse to eat, she replied.

“Thats it sweetheart, and you know I didn’t buy that idea no matter what the reason is. Angel can you please eat for my sake or should I turn off the lights? Mark asked and Jenny was quiet.

“Common I’ll do that now, Marks said and she nodded.

“Don’t turn it off, she replied.

“That’s my baby girl, He said and brought a flask from the small basket he came with.

“Guess what i brought for you, He said.

“Potato porridge, Jenny replied.

“That’s right, okay sit up lets eat together, Marks said helping her lean on the pillow and they slowly ate together. Jenny mom watched in tears and left the room……………


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