STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 32

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 32

Story: Miriam Edem


Daniel and Jennifer’s friends walked in and met Jennifer just done eating.

“You’ve eaten sis? Joy excitedly asked holding her hand while Jenny just smiled.

“Thank you so much sir, you just helped us big time, Daniel said.

“Are you just thanking me for helping me daughter eat? Marks replied and they were surprised.

“We had no idea sir, sorry about that, they said.

“It okay, Angel will you love to drink now? Marks asked and she nodded.

“Don’t worry sir I’ll do that, Joy said taking the water from him..

“Dear I’ll be outside okay so you’ll concentrate with your friends, Mark said giving her a peck and left.

“Jennifer how are you feeling today? Annabel asked but Jenny only nodded giving a weak smile.

“You don’t know how happy you’ve made me to see you eat and smile, its really amazing. Please sit up and drink, Joy said helping her and she gulped down a little amount of water.

“How is Theodore? Jenny asked.

“His father found him, he just called me few minutes ago, Daniel replied.

“Is he good? Jenny asked.

“His dad said he’s good, he just wanted to be away, Daniel replied and Jenny coughed.

“Thank you all for everything, few hours ago I thought everything was gone, but then I realized you guys are still here for me. I silently asked God to give me a sign if he truly wants me to live and if he feels I can survive this times again by bringing my dad back. I’ve come to miss him when I laid down here, and he came back and that gave me the strength. Thank you so much, Jenny said and Joy smiled and hugged her.

“Don’t talk too much, if the whole world wanted deserting you, I Joy will not leave you one step Jennifer, thats how much I love you sister, Joy said and Annabel joined in the embrace.
“Me too girlfriend, she added.

“You know I gat your back always, be strong alright, Treasure said holding Jennifer hand and felt something was inside.

Jennifer opened her palms and showed them the chain Theodore gave to her.

“Did it fall off? Daniel asked.

“No, I took it off my self to give it to you. Help me give this to Theodore, tell him it was good knowing him, Jennifer replied.

“What are you saying? Daniel asked.

“I am leaving, I just want to go far. Sadly I do leave like this, but what i do run away from keep replaying all over again. I think its time to accept my fate and take life just the way it is. I am not good for Theodore, and whatever wanted to happen between us turned out to be one big mistake and embarrassment to him. I believe he deserves someone better, someone who’s going to be sincere and open and that can’t be me, Jennifer said and Daniel gently closed her palm with the chain.

“I know Theodore is going through a lot, but one reason why he ran away is to think straight and come up with a better judgement. I believe he is not going to let you down same way we haven’t. Please can you give him a little time? He’s gonna come around I know, Daniel said and Jenny shook her head with tears streaming down.

“I am leaving Daniel, I just have to go, Jenny replied.

“Same way his mom left? Do you know just how much he loves you? Daniel asked.

“Same way I do, that’s why am letting him go for someone better, he will get over this someday, Jennifer said and a knock was heard on the door once and it got opened.

Robert walked in first and Jenny eyes bulged out, “sir, she whispered and Theodore with the rest followed.

Theodore walked up to her while Daniel shifted away from Jennifer, he squatted and wanted holding her hand but saw the chain. He slowly took it and wore it back on her while Jenny looked speechless seeing the faces she never dreamt of seeing.

“Am sorry, am deeply sorry, I should have been here for You but I failed. Can you forgive me? Theodore calmly asked and Jenny was lost for words as her eyes kept going through the people there.

“Jenny dear can you remember him? Arthur asked bringing Pius to the front and Jennifer was quiet for a while looking at him.

“No, she replied.

“Try to think again, maybe you can remember a birthday party you drank with someone, Arthur said and Jennifer kept looking.

“At Bright age?she asked.

“Good, can you remember anything about him? David asked and Jenny kept thinking.

“I don’t think this is good for her now, let’s just go straight to the point, now speak, Theodore said to Pius.

“Ermmm I was in that party with you at Bright Age, few days to your coronation. Remember you had a misunderstanding with your boyfriend and decided to make the drinks company, I sat down with you and brought out some discussions to keep you going and you asked to ease yourself. When you left I dropped in something into your drink, you returned and took few gulps of it.

Perpetual was just there watching and she quickly got the room prepared, I took you there not in your right senses and made you do whatsoever I wanted which Perpetual took pictures and I did the videoing, Pius said and Jennifer sat up with her mouth open but Jennifer father pounced on Pius and threw him against the wall..

“How dare you do that to my Daughter! Mark shouted and Pius fell bleeding.

“I know what I did is terrible and I don’t wish same for my one year old daughter. But please am asking you to forgive me, Pius said while a nurse was called on to attend to Pius.

“You deserve to die, you and all your bloody accomplice! My child was boldly labelled as a cheap prostitute and what killed her most is when she can’t explain how it happened. No one seemed to believe her and she walked away with a stigma just because of you! Mark shouted still attempting to pounce on Pius but he was held by David.

Jennifer held her head and let out a scream as the pain in her heart was unbearable. Theodore hugged her immediately as she cried on him, “why me God why me! She kept saying.

“I am very sure Natasha got the video from him, Daniel said with his heart swelling up.

“Talking about the devil, we need to visit her. Theodore please take care of her we will be back, Arthur said and they left taking Pius with them and Marks asked to go also.

“Honey its okay, Theo said to Jennifer.

“I couldn’t explain. Even if I want to who will believe me when its clear? I spend my whole day thinking about how it happened, little did I know it was this way, Jenny said with her face soaked with tears.

“Sis it’s okay I beg you, Joy said in tears.

“All I remember was I saw myself waking up in my room the next day, I remembered I was in a party but I was told they found me drunk and took me home. That period I was going through a lot, my dad left home that day and I transfered the aggression on my boyfriend who didn’t Care to understand me. I felt alcohol would help as I wasn’t interested in the party anymore, how was I easily rubbished this way, how? Jennifer cried.

“Am sorry Darling, this is all my fault, this is all my fault, Jenny mom said in tears.

“No ma no one is at fault here but Pius, Perpetual and Natasha. Those three are more poisonous than snakes And are at fault here.

Perpetual has been detained, and they are going to say this out to the public and your image will be recovered, Theo replied.

“Just that? Just watch and see, Daniel said taking his phone but they were not really interested with what he was doing.

“I saw this fools at the store making out and I took the video just for safe keeping, knowing Natasha still needs you badly yet she’s f******g with another guy. She was so quick to upload another, now the world shall see the real porn between Natasha and Damian! Daniel said after uploading the video on net and Treasure burst out laughing.

“Gosh send that to me, I also need to upload, Treasure said while they watched the show speechless………..


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