STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 33

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 33

Story: Miriam Edem


“No no no Daniel don’t do that, its dirty and really doesn’t make sense, Jenny said.

“Make sense? You can only pay back on this earth and she needs to taste a bit of it. Theodore are you uploading also? Daniel asked.

“Count me out of that sh*t, Theo replied.

“Well that’s for you Theo, this is not the time to act like a gentleman. She carried herself like a stainless and sinless being when she’s not better off than Jennifer herself, let her dance to the tune of her music. With my followers and that of Daniel, the video must surely go viral so everyone can see the almighty Natasha making out in a store! So shameful, Treasure said and Jenny mom heaved.

“I just want my daughter name to be cleared, that’s more important to me, She said.

“I honestly want to see that witch’s face, I want to see how she will talk her way out when Pius confesses before her, Daniel said and his phone began to ring.

“Followers calling right? Cause mine is calling right now, Treasure said and they picked their calls………………

Natasha mom got surprised with the cars that drove in, “what is the matter? She asked going down when she saw Arthur and the lecturers coming out from the cars.
Natasha who was having a peaceful nap got up and had a phone call immediately,

“Yea wassup, she picked up.

“Are you online? You need to see Daniel Instagram post, Lydia said and Natasha smirked.

“Why should I be following such a human being? And why? Natasha asked.

“Gosh am sending the video right now! Lydia shouted and dropped the call while Natasha scoffed and checked through the window to see her mom coming in with Arthur, then she saw Pius.

‘Oh my God! What is he doing here? She asked herself and quickly ran out leaving her phone behind on the bed.

“Please sit down, and what do I owe this visit? Natasha mom said when they got in.

“Where is your daughter? Marks asked with a stern face.

“Excuse me, and who are you? She asked.

“Where is your daughter? I need her here right now, Arthur came in.

“Is there a problem? I am her mother and I have every right to know what it is, she replied.

“Of course you will know everything when she get down here, we are not going to hide anything from you. Now where is she? Arthur replied and she looked at their faces and saw it was not good.

“Natasha! Natasha come down quickly, her mom shouted and Natasha who was already peeping at them slowly came down.

“Hello sir, What a surprise, she said keeping up with a good look.

“Good afternoon everyone, she greeted smiling and sat down but everyone was quiet looking at her.

“OK she’s here, what’s the problem? Her mom came in and Arthur cleared his throat.

“I am very sure you know this guy here right? Arthur asked referring to Pius.

“Of course not, she replied.

“Liar, you wretch! Marks shouted and attempted to grab Natasha but he was held down.

“What rubbish! What the hell is going on here! Natasha mom shouted getting on her feet.

“Now you will keep your voice low and shut up for your daughter here has committed a grave sin I know you are aware of, Arthur shouted back on her.

“What have I done! Is it about the video? I brought it down didn’t I? Natasha innocently asked.

“Are you still talking b***h! Marks shouted.
‘The video you paid me to bring out right? Pius asked.

“Who the hell are you? Mom I don’t know that man, Natasha said.

“You don’t know me? Can you now tell everyone how you got the video? Where the hell did you dig it out from? Pius asked.

“I only…………..

“Why are you this devilish? How can you do that to a girl like you when you have no idea how that video was created, Arthur interrupted her.

“Will you Blame me? I was only trying to save the school image and I can see that’s my only crime. Fine it won’t happen again, Natasha said and Kennedy who was quiet for a while spoke out.

“Ermm talking about the school image, you really wanted to prove that a sinner shouldn’t take hold of that position but a girl with a reputable character right? Kennedy asked.

“Exactly sir, what’s my bad there? Natasha replied.

“I understand you, and I believe a stainless and sinless person should contest in it like you right? Kennedy asked and she smiled.

“I believe am not only the best, if Jennifer had no such records, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, Natasha replied and Kennedy nodded.

“Pardon me please, but this video was just posted on Instagram and I want you all to see what am seeing, Kennedy said showing them his phone and all they saw was Natasha pant down in the store with Damian.

“Jesus Christ! Robert screamed taking off his glasses and Kennedy kept his phone down.

“Were you sinless yourself? He asked as everyone mouth flew open.

“Natasha? Her mom called out shocked.

“That can’t be me, someone did that to mess me up and I know its Daniel. He is only revenging for his friend, Natasha said with tears tickling in her eyes already.

“I know my Daniel, he can’t frame this up or can you deny you’ve never slept with Damian before? I can remember You and my son were intimate, but what led to the breakup? Kennedy asked and Natasha was crying already.

“Please forgive me I beg you, please its not what you’re thinking, she said and Mark stood up.

“I don’t care if your mess is on net, but you are going to clear my daughters name, you and that b***h Perpetual, Marks said and Robert was already seen making a call.

“Wait a minute, what do you want to do with my daughter? Natasha mom asked scared.

“What she deserves, what else? David asked.

“Is it not enough? You’ve done double of what she did to Jennifer, what next? Her mom asked.

“We did nothing okay, and it won’t stop her from clearing that girl name and tell the media how she dug it up to ruin Jennifer from taking the crown. She did that on purpose because she failed already, she hated Jennifer and she brought this out in public. Your daughter has done enough madam, David said.

“Shut up! Shut the f**k up and let my daughter go. She did nothing wrong, Her mom shouted and the cops entered.

“Please am sorry, if you want I can apologize to Jennifer, please don’t do this to me! Natasha screamed seeing the cops.

“Please can we settle this calmly? How much do you need just name it, her mom said and Marks hissed.

“What are you still waiting for? Take her away! Marks shouted and Natasha was dragged out to be detained………………….

Everyone met again in the hospital and Jennifer was told everything,
“I just have one request, I want to see Perpetual, Jenny said.

“Honey are you sure about that? Her mom asked.

“Thats no problem. She’ll be here tomorrow while the media will be contacted. She is going to confess this live to every ears, so don’t worry too much, Arthur replied and Jennifer nodded.

“Finally its gonna be over, Theodore said and she smiled at him.

“Thank you so much everyone, right now am just speechless seeing how far you all have gone to clear my name. Am deeply grateful, Thank you, Jennifer said.

“No my dear we should be the one to apologize rather, we disbelieved and let you down in many ways. You were the victim here but am glad it will be over soon, Robert said.

“Ermm Daniel I’ve seen your handwork, have you checked out the terror you’ve caused on Instagram? Kennedy asked and Daniel laughed.

“Sir I thought we were playing the video game, she posted hers and I posted mine, Daniel replied.

“Please we should try not to be childish or pay evil with evil. Please I beg you bring the video down, Arthur said.

“Please my son, I know you must be hurt when that was done to your friend, please bring it down I beg you, Robert added.

“But sir………

“Daniel please listen to them, you are just bringing yourself down to her level and trust me it doesn’t sound good of you”, Jenny came in.

“Are you still speaking on Natasha behalf? What kind of a girl are you? Theodore asked.

“Am still yet to find out, Jenny replied smiling and Theodore kissed her without knowing…………….


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