STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 37

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 37

Story: Miriam Edem


“hey please stop! Mabel and Lydia said stopping a cab.

“Where to? The driver asked.

“The nearest police station please, its urgent, They said and hopped in as the car took off.

They arrived and ran in, “I have a report to make, the girls said.

“Calm down and take your time. You can sit down for a while? A cop asked.

“Hell no! Do You know how important this information is? Heard of the death of the bridge institution? We just found out her mom stabbed her, and if you don’t get to her residence now she will escape, Mabel said.

“Wait wait wait, it was a suicide, another cop said.

“That was what she made us believe, we need to hurry there now else she’ll escape, Lydia shouted and the cops there got up and a call was quickly made to the superior.

“I’ll be there immediately, gather the men, the superior said……………

Priscilla stormed into her room bringing down few of her clothes from the wardrobe into her bag.

“Damn you b****es! She angrily said taking what was valuable to her into the bag and hurried out.

She threw them into the car, went back and locked the door, got into her car and drove off.

“You really think I have no place to go huh? Go ahead and tell the cops, they will never find me, she said angrily while driving in speed and car started misbehaving.

“What the hell! She shouted slowing down to park the car, she went down to see one of the tyre flat.

“What! She screamed kicking it hard angrily.

“What’s the matter? Can I be of help? A man who stood closer asked seeing that.

“I wish I had the time, she replied.

“Let me take a look, he said checking it to be a flat tyre.
“OK do you have a spare? He asked.

“Can you change it? She asked.

“If you can wait, he replied.

“Gosh why now? She asked checking the time. “And I can’t leave without the car, she continued while he just looked at her.

“So what now? Are you going to wait to change it or give it to a mechanic? He asked.

“OK fine if you want it, I’ll just bring it out, she said going to the boot of the car to bring the spare tyre.

Minutes later the man was done changing the tyre, “thank you very much, she said.

“You’re welcome, at least you won’t kick the innocent tyre again, the man said and she laughed.

“But why are you in a hurry when is this late? The man asked.
“Well I wanted traveling but I’ll lodge in a hotel because of the time, she replied.

“Alright, see you then, The man said.

“Why are you standing here? You don’t mind I drop you off? She asked.

“Oh that will be good of you, thanks, he said.

“Don’t mention, please come in, she said and they got into the car together.

While driving the man noticed she was yawning with her eyes closing,

“Hey, I noticed you’ve been drinking. Are you sure we are going to arrive safely? The man asked.

“Sorry I had some bottles of drink already, she slowly replied.

“Please I beg you just pull over alright, I’ll take over the steering, the man said and she nodded and parked…………………

The cops arrived at Priscilla place and found out she already left,
“What are we going to do now? She can’t escape this, Mabel said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll call the media through to make an announcement to the public immediately. But first can you tell us everything, the cop said and they quickly told them everything in details.

“Thats alright, Go home okay, we know what next to do, a cop said.

“But do you know her? Lydia asked.

“Yea I do, the man replied.

“Okay here is her picture, you can send this to the media it will help catch her fast. Please do something, Lydia said sending her picture to him on phone.

“Don’t worry I will, go home okay and thanks for information, he said and they left.

“Alright, let’s Hurry off, she won’t be too far, the man said to his men and they drove off…………….

Priscilla already fell asleep while he was driving and his phone began to ring,

“What the hell man, have been standing there for ages, he picked up.

“I’m so sorry sorry something came up. Have you gone already? The caller asked.

“Yea but the situation is messy Now. Am driving a drunk woman to the hotel, she picked me up while waiting for you, he replied.

“Wow so you will check in the hotel with her? Lucky you, the caller said laughing.

“Your crazy, I’ll call you back, he replied and dropped the call.

He arrived at a hotel and quickly met the receptionist,
“Hi you’re welcome, the young lady said.
“Thank you, actually am kind of in a little mess right now. Am with a drunk sleeping woman inside the car and she wanted checking in a hotel before she slept. If you don’t kind can I book a room? He asked and she looked confused.

“ErM a minute please. security, she called out and a man on uniform approached her.

“Please can you follow him outside to check if the woman is sleeping or dead. Am so sorry i have to do this, I hope you understand? she asked and he nodded.

“Sure I do thanks, let’s go, the man said and left with the security quickly outside to check out Priscilla.
She was confirmed drunk and booked a room for.

“Thanks beautiful, the man said to the receptionist after carrying her in.

“You’re welcome, and please take good care of her, she replied and he rolled his eyes going back to the room.

He heaved looking at her and slammed his head, “next time mind your business he said and turned on the television.

Few minutes later an headline popped up on the news,
“Miss Natasha, the queen of the bridge institution who died last night in a suicide attempt. Her friends allegedly reported to the cops saying her mom confessed stabbing the Late Natasha last night and claimed it to be suicide. Right now Priscilla which photo is displayed on the screen fled from her residence immediately after the confession, she is being needed now and if found please call the number on the screen, the reporter reported.

“Are you kidding me? Now I see why she was in a hurry, but What am I going to do now?The man asked looking at Priscilla and paced around confused.

Few minute later he heard a knock on the door and saw the receptionist and the security looking at him,

“I guess you know why we are here because you just listened to the news. Its either you hand her over or you leave the hotel peacefully, she said.
“Please listen i don’t know her from anywhere, you can do with her as you want because I am leaving here this instant, he said.

“Not too fast, you will wait for the cops to arrive then tell them how you ended up with her, the security said.

“Yes, and they are on their way as we speak. I am very sorry, the receptionist said and his eyes bulged out…………….


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