STORIES: Let’s Play Hard Episode 38

Let's Play Hard Story Episodes

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Episode 38

Story: Miriam Edem


Priscilla opened her eyes the next morning and felt a slight headache. She tried getting up and found out her hands were chained to the bed.

“Who is here! What is going on? Let me go! She shouted struggling with the chains and the door opened.

Her eyes bulged out when she saw the cops, Mabel and Lydia and Arthur entering.

“How did I get here and why am I chained? Priscilla asked.

“I told them just what you told us in your drunken state, Mabel replied and Priscilla smiled.

“You said it yourself I was drunk, are you now taking a drunk person words into heart? She asked.

“At that state a drunk tells the truth easily without being forced. In fact they are they most sincere persons to get fact from, a cop replied.

“You are saying rubbish! What makes you think I can kill my daughter at all? Have you all gone nuts or something? Priscilla shouted.

“But she isn’t your daughter, a woman said coming into the room and Priscilla was shocked to see her.
“What are you doing here? She asked.

“I saw the news and I wondered why you should end that innocent girl life I gave you in the orphanage. What did she ever do to you? The woman said and Priscilla was in full rage.

“Get me out of here, I didn’t kill my daughter no matter what you all may say. I love Natasha whether biological or not! Priscilla shouted.

“Good one there, we are just back from the mortuary she is kept and the wounds has been examined. Everything at first was conspicuous but we didn’t want to go into the matter since you claimed she committed suicide and you quickly handed her body to the mortuary before anyone could arrive. We have checked out the wounds, and guess what, it is deep, very deep that a young girl like Natasha won’t be that heartless to pin the knife that deep into her heart and expanding it.

That wasn’t a suicide, and I see why you quickly gave her to the mortuary and sealed their mouth with money when they wanted asking why the wound is that deep and wide. Gosh! That girl has practically grown up with you for years and made you enjoy the privilege to be called a mother. No matter the mistakes she has made that made you feel disappointed in her, how did you feel stabbing her in her sleep? The cop asked and Priscilla was quiet.

“Priscilla, right now the liters of blood in me has been reduced when I returned from the mortuary this morning. You practically refused us from seeing her yesterday and send us out in anger when Mark challenged you. When I saw the news yesterday I was mad with whoever gave such report that you can stab Natasha, and right now I am so disappointed, Arthur said with his hands folded looking at Priscilla whose face was bathed with tears already.

“Please forgive me, I didn’t know what I was thinking, she said.
“unchain her and take her away, a cop said and she was taken out.

On the way going out they met with Theodore, Daniel and Jennifer entering,
“You w**zh! How dare you do that to her, how dare you! Theodore held her violently immediately he saw her.

“Stop it young man! A cop shouted separating him from her.

“You will surely pay for this, you won’t get away with this, Theodore said and she was taken away.

“Theo please take it easy, Jenny said holding him..

“Why should I! I was busy thinking she ended her own life out of pride not knowing it wasn’t true, i can’t help but feel guilty knowing that I said harsh words to her peaceful soul. How can human be this heartless! Theodore shouted.

“Calm down bro, you have nothing to do with this please take it easy, Daniel said but Theodore was already crying………………..

The news was aired and there was a live broadcast of Priscilla as she confessed in court to be guilty;

Please I am begging each and everyone of you to have mercy on me, I know what I did to Natasha is unforgivable. Its not because she isn’t my biological daughter but I love her so much and I am still her mother…………

“Drop it! Tell the people how you got Natasha, a cop interrupted her.

“Years ago I fell in love with my boss, I threw my self on him and he gave in without stress. I found out I was pregnant and told him about it, but he paid me a lot of money telling me to abort the baby saying he’s not interested. I refused because I loved my baby and I thought keeping my baby will make him bring me to his house. But I had a miscarriage and I didn’t want to give up, I faked the pregnancy putting on clothes in my tummy to still make it real till i was 9 months.

I went to my friend who works in the hospital to arrange a baby for me but she couldn’t rather she referred me to the orphanage saying her friend works there.

We went there together and found out a baby girl was dumped outside the gate of the orphanage, probably from a teenage mother.

She was just 4days old and I gladly took her, I visited my boss but he clearly told me he doesn’t have any business with the baby I am carrying.

He gave me another huge sum of money and told me never to show my face to him again, I felt horrible seeing the stress and everything I took for him was all in vain. But then Natasha was too adorable to be thrown away, I decided to keep her as a replacement to my lost.

I wanted so much for her and I wanted her to achieve more in life. But then she disappointed me, when I heard the harsh and disgraceful words people threw at her in the hall when Jennifer name was cleared, I was so pained.

I didn’t train Natasha to be a loser or a soft girl. I was mad when She came back home crying like a baby saying she can’t carry on anymore, I tried calming her down but she wasn’t responding. She slept off without eating and I felt like she has given up in life already, I wanted easing her pain, I thought that was the best thing to do please forgive me, Priscilla cried and everyone there screamed.

“You cut her short because Natasha finally resorted not to live her life to your own will. She was my best friend, and I can testify she lived her life to whatever you said or wanted, she made no decision of herself.

Probably you wanted her to continue with the fight with Jennifer because you didn’t want her to be a loser and she refused, you decided to end her life huh? You are wicked! Theodore shouted and attempted to hold her but he was restrained.

“Please I am so sorry, I killed my daughter yes I killed her but I don’t know what came over me, please forgive me! Priscilla cried out………………….

2 days later Natasha funeral was held, the student of The Bridge institution couldn’t stop crying as they gathered round her casket on black holding roses.

“Rest in peace our queen. If you were trained by a good and loving mother in a right way, sure you will have been a good and great queen. Too bad you were cut short, but you’ll always be remembered as the only queen in The Bridge who reigned for 3 years.

The department of Mass communication misses you, The Bridge Institution misses you, the modeling world misses you, farewell Natasha Arthur said dropping a rose on her casket as the student dropped theirs one after the other.

“I’m sorry Natasha, right now I don’t know what to say. But I wish you never left, please forgive me if have hurt you in any way, Damian said dropping a rose and left and Theodore slowly stepped forward.

“I thought i should give this back to you, seeing it keeps hurting me. This was a sign of our friendship, although you wanted it to be forever but but but……. Forgive me Natasha if I’ve let you down in any way. Thanks for being a true friend Darling, rest in peace, Theodore said in tears and dropped the Wrist watch she gave to him on his birthday before they broke up…………….

“I want to go see my daughter funeral please let me go! Priscilla kept shouting and hitting the gates.

“Hey will you stop disturbing our peace! One of the jail inmate shouted on her.

“You keep your mouth shut also b***h and mind your business! Hey some one get me out of here, I want to see my daughter! Priscilla shouted.

“Did you just say that to me huh? The woman she shouted on approached her.

“So what will you do? Priscilla asked the woman smiled.
“You mean what I can do huh? The woman asked and slammed Priscilla head hard on the gate and she fell bleeding with her head badly cut………………..


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