STORIES: The Inner Gate (Rising Bones) Episode 13

the inner gate rising bones

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Episode 13

Written by Mr Peculiar

Olivia became depressed after hearing from Dave. How can they fold their hands and watch Rose die? That was something Dave had been trying to prevent.

Olivia went back to the edge of the bed, thus lingering the tranquility. She suddenly looked up and asked, “Have you told Rose about this?”

“No” Dave walked closer to her drying his tears.
“You must not tell her otherwise she might do something carzy”

“What do you suggest we do?” he sat beside her with his eyes fixed on her face as if looking for a solution there. Olivia did not talk for a while. Sooner did she remember her encounter with Defity the previous night then looked at Dave.

“How did I end up here?” She asked.
“Kacee brought you back last night?”
“Kacee?” she stood up wondering how he was able to save her from the hands of a tornado. After reasoning that, she turned back to Dave again swiftly. “How was he able to save me from..”

“He never told me” he interrupted immediately.

There was another tranquility between the two. Olivia didn’t like the way Dave was looking at her when she began to dress up. Therefore, she asked him, “What? Like you wanna say something?”

“Do both of you have something in common?” he asked staring at her as if she had committed an abomination.

“I guess you are talking about Kacee and i. Its between us so stay out of it. First, I have to get the information on how he was able to save me from Defity” she turned her back on him when she wanted to wear her bra. Just after she did, pandemonium from outside came banging in their ears. They rushed out to know what of happening; captain Joe and his men were busy distroying the small shop of Mrs. Sarah who cried out loud.

Dave and Olivia rushed there but was prevented from getting closer either to the scene or to captain Joe himself.

“Stop! Stop!” Olivia shouted from afar. “What’s going on?”

Joe faced her as his men continued the destruction. “I and Rose had a deal, now she’s nowhere to be found. I guess you know what happens when a promise is broken”

“But it doesn’t worth destroying the mother’s shop”

“I am the captain of this village, I do what I want” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Dave had ran into the very house of Rose in search of her but couldn’t find her. He ran out of the walls of Jezra going to the mountain of Etha. One could see him flinging away any tall grasses that seemed to block his way. He accelerated none stop until he got there, stood on a rock to enable him see almost every part of the mountain.

At this time, his sympathetic nervous system had activated, Therefore he placed his two hands on the knees to reduce it. He stretched his eyes from one end to another but didn’t see even a stick that looked like Rose.
“Rose!!” he shouted, yet, didn’t hear anything except the echo of his own voice. He jumped down from the rock in search of his love..


Hours later, Dave came back to the village to see everywhere calmed. He met Olande and Mendel in front of the damaged shop where they factitiously wept with bottles of wine in their hands.

“How can a man be so wicked even to a wine shop that did nothing to him?” Mendel wept.

“Oh, it’s a pity!” Olande exclaimed.
Dave got tired of their lamentation. He wanted to ask them about the way about of Rose’s mother but changed mind coz he knew that they won’t give him a straightforward answer. So he hurried to her house to her shedding tears on a chair.

“Is she back?”
“No, she’s not”
“But do you know where she went to?’

“No, before I could meet her in her room this morning, she was no where to be found”

Dave became hopeless and down. Where could she had gone to? That was a question no one could answer except Rose herself.

On the other hand, captain Joe had called on his men. He sat in their midst with a stick of weed in between his fingers.

“Listen,” he began. “Go both inside and outside the walls of Jezra and find that girl. Don’t come back without her?” he instructed.

Kacee was the leader of the men, he concord on the instruction and led the men out. On their way matching like soldiers, he separated them in groups to search each house in the village before going outside the walls of the land. He personally took charge of Olivia’s house for a reason best known to him. When Dave saw him entering the house, he rushed in after him.

However, Olivia was already waiting for any of them, luckily, both came in at the same time.

“What’s going on, Kacee?” she asked.
“I came to search for Rose in your house” he replied looking around the building while Dave decided to watch and listen to both of them.

“So that’s what Joe sent you guys to do. What is he gonna do with her?”
Kacee ignored her question as he walked around the house then came back to her in a way he stood very close to her. He held his sward firmly.

“I also came to see how you’re doing? So how are you?” he asked without a trace of smile.

“How did you manage to get me out from the inner..”

“It doesn’t matter” he interrupted. “What matters is that you’re alive. Make sure you don’t go back there. Only something as light as the wind can fight the wind” he began to walk out heroically but Olivia’s tender voice stopped him.

“Kacee?” The voice was more like that of an angel. Even Dave couldn’t believe his ears. “The girl you seek for is next to die on this land, and we must stop that even with the last drop of our blood. I’m sorry for saying that what happened between us was lust. It wasn’t, I meant. You need to join us on this fight. With one mind we can defeat Defity. Please, How did you rescue me from Defity?”
Kacee finally turned looking at both of them to see Dave almost shading tears.

“Please, if there is a way to prevent her life, tell us. I love her so much just like the way you wouldn’t want the one you love to die” He pleaded.

“You and I know that Defity cannot be killed” Kacee began. “Captain Joe once told us about a powder which can only weaken her strength. That was what i stold to save you last night” Kacee looked at Olivia.

There was silence in the building until Dave broke it saying, “I have an idea” both looked at him. “If the powder can weaken her, definitely we can kill her, but only when she’s in a human form. We shall recruit more men then strategize on how to kill her on the very day she will come for Rose’s life. With Defity’s head off from her neck, she’s dead but the question is; how do we get the powder?”

Olivia smiled at his suggestion. It was a smart one that needed a try.
“How do you even know Rose is next to die?” Kacee asked.

“That’s one of my gifts” Dave explained.

“I’ll get the powder” Kacee said as an afterthought. “I’m with you guys now. We must operate without captain Joe’s knowledge. Deal?”

“Deal” Olivia replied with Dave.
“But what about Rose?” She asked.
“Don’t worry, I promise, no harm will come to her if found” Kacee assured while she hugged him tightly…

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